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A Toronto-based financial technology company – is focused on building the best digital
workflow platform connecting the mortgage broker community with private money lenders

The platform supports a seamless transaction experience, designed to help brokers and lenders
increase sales process efficiencies and reduce costs by creating an instant qualified commitments for borrowers.


Mark Cashin

7 + years private mortgage, debt restructing, construction & commercial financing

Past: CEO of TRANSPOR Dry Layer International - Raised a total of 1.75M through the Toronto Angel Network

Dennis Marek

25+ years in tech, 6+ years as a tech & opps executive managing High-growth teams of various Disciplines (from 15 people to approx. 100)

PointClickCare, Kenna & Teneda (Security & Compliance; Hosting & Deployment Service; BI; Customer Success & Pro Serv.)

Ben Rabidoux
Advisor & Investor

North Cove Advisors - Founder & market research firm
Focus - Canadian housing, credit, and macroeconomic trends for institutional investors. Often quoted in Canada and around the world.

905.488.1949               [email protected]
905.488.1949 [email protected]