A simple way to get an instant loan commitment

All parties benefit from our solution! Qualified Mortgage Professionals representing the Borrower, select which loan option is best and complete a compliant commitment instantly. Lenders put their best foot forward and it is up to the Mortgage Professional to select the best option for their client.



In less than 5 minutes, after you evaluate your client’s needs, you can quickly get from application to a borrower and lender qualified commitment.  Immediately, the lender is notified of the commitment, application is live and all deal docs are sent to borrower for signature.  Assuming all conditions have been completed by the borrower, the solicitors facilitating the deal can also be instructed directly from the myBrokerBee platform.

Easy to Use

Easy To Use

Fill out the application for your client and save.  Two, select the lender and have your client submit the commitment.  Finally, the lender receives a notification, accepts the deals and ensures all involved solicitors are notified of the application details.



As the agent, you want to be able to know who looked at the deal, and most importantly who is willing to accept the deal.  Also, to be able to select the deal that is best for your client’s specific situation.

Full process

Full Process

Not only are you able to initiate the deal and get it committed.  With myBrokerBee you can instruct approved participants and solicitors where the documents are pre-populated.

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