A simple way to get an instant loan commitment

All parties benefit from our solution! Qualified Mortgage Professionals representing the Borrower, select which loan option is best and complete a compliant commitment instantly. Lenders put their best foot forward and it is up to the Mortgage Professional to select the best option for their client.



Do you know how to service your clients who need second or private loans/mortgages?  Now you need to be able to train your team of agents on how to do the same?  No need to do this, simply have them watch our 5 min video and they will be able to service their clients and you can be confident that all compliance is satisfied, all parties are paid fairly and all activities are completed with full transparency.



With reports, dashboards, instant reminders and daily notifications, you will always know what transactions have been submitted, in progress, cancelled and completed.  Most importantly, you will see how your team is performing and what your future expected volume is.



Rest at ease that when someone from your team initiates a new application, that all required docs are signed and sent to all parties.  In addition, there is an audit trail of everything that was presented, disclosed, signed and completed.



You will not have to worry about your clients coming back and suggesting that your or your agents selection was biased in any way.  We make the selection blind and this means that your client’s best interests are being met.

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905.488.1949 [email protected]