Community Commitment

 Community Commitment

myBrokerBee Community Code of Conduct is intended to safeguard our members, promote transparency and fairness between all participants within the mortgage or loan transaction. Standardized documentation and complete automation to consistently deliver predictable and fair results.

1) Our FIRST commitment is to the borrower! Absolute transparency, full disclosure and commitment to act in the best interests of our borrowers. The borrower can complete the transaction with 100% confidence.

Simply NO hidden clauses or terms.

2) Ensure that our borrowers are fully informed in respect to the financial markets, regulations, available products and we will do it in plain language and terms.

3) We achieve our goal with standardized documentation, process transparency and consistency in every transaction to all participants.

4) By creating deal efficiencies we create a healthier lending environment.

5) myBrokerBee platform is 100% committed to a professional licensed mortgage broker community.

6) All members recognize integrity and honesty is essential in the mortgage industry.

7) Members shall provide the best advice and service and never deny equal professional services to any person for reasons of race, colour, creed, gender, sexual orientation, place of origin, marital status, age or disability.

8) Members will maintain privacy and confidentiality on all transactions and services provided to the borrowers and community members.

9) myBrokerBee community is committed to working towards improving the borrower’s financial situation and literacy.

10) This Community Code is a minimum standard and all community members will strive to exceed all expectations.

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905.488.1949 [email protected]